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Four Letter Words

Life’s all about just four letter words…. Love Fear Nice High Luck Dove Fuck Sick Hard Easy Fast Slow Life Wife Heed Lust Lost Fork Porn Horn Rave Gape Maze Sage Time Wine Rage Cosy Nuts Talk Walk Live Give..

Love at First Byte – Post 1

A few months ago, I came across a project that made my interest grow in Computer History and I browsed through the archives, memoirs and the dossiers of various peoplewho wrote about how computers and internet have evolved around us, in the last two decades. As I dug deeper, I felt nostalgic. At the same time it sent in a chill, down my spine and I felt like I am gazing at a film strips with flashing images of my past two decades. I felt, I was a part of the history, I was a part of it, when it was still The Beginning.

So, here I am with the tale of my love-affair with Computers, which started when when I was just 10 yrs old. Computers, what we know today, were not too old either ;-)… [Click to read more]

Missing some random words

I am missing some random words… the lives lived, the times gone… the moments spent, with nothing to repent. When the spirits were always high — In the name of Trust! (Bharose ke naam par)

Happy Birthday Mota Bhai!

Happy Birthday Mota Bhai!

My first machine!

Computers have always been my passion and i have love programming. Now it has been over a decade since I wrote my first line of code, but even after working on around half a dozen different computing platforms and over a score of languages, I still just cannot forget the first machine (read computer), i […]


This post is not meant for the knowledgeable but for ‘the enlightened ones’, who know, Who is Kmap?. If it sounds a lot like “Who is John Galt?”, I intended so.