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Four Letter Words

Life’s all about just four letter words…. Love Fear Nice High Luck Dove Fuck Sick Hard Easy Fast Slow Life Wife Heed Lust Lost Fork Porn Horn Rave Gape Maze Sage Time Wine Rage Cosy Nuts Talk Walk Live Give..

Love at First Byte – Post 1

A few months ago, I came across a project that made my interest grow in Computer History and I browsed through the archives, memoirs and the dossiers of various peoplewho wrote about how computers and internet have evolved around us, in the last two decades. As I dug deeper, I felt nostalgic. At the same time it sent in a chill, down my spine and I felt like I am gazing at a film strips with flashing images of my past two decades. I felt, I was a part of the history, I was a part of it, when it was still The Beginning.

So, here I am with the tale of my love-affair with Computers, which started when when I was just 10 yrs old. Computers, what we know today, were not too old either ;-)… [Click to read more]

Bachelor tenants not Allowed!

This was my third HouseHunt in the Maximum City, Mumbai. In the three missions I have clearly understood that Bachelorhood is not just a marital status, its a social-outcast that puts you below everyone who has joined the institution. In this city, and Pune as well (as my dear friends, tell me) WE Bachelors, or Singletons, or Unmarried souls are looked down with even more contempt than Ajmal Kasab (or No, Kasab is also a bachelor), so maybe more than Nithari or Aurangzeb or your Spouse’s ex or even more than the perverted ‘married’ man, in your neighborhood, who fancies his daughters’ friends. As they believe that We, as bachelors, could be worse… [Click below to Read More]

Missing some random words

I am missing some random words… the lives lived, the times gone… the moments spent, with nothing to repent. When the spirits were always high — In the name of Trust! (Bharose ke naam par)

Back to Blog!

I know I have not blogged for around three months now and those of you who still kept checking, asking, pestering, nudging me to start again — I owe no apologies, but Thanks! However, I am not the only one who has been off-and-away. Though there are no factual correlation I guess he is just-as-clueless […]


All my life, I have read, been told and made to believe that life always goes on, times change, so does everything around us and we adapt. Some nice quotes, which I like as well, tell me the same: “I can sum up in the three words what I have learnt in life – Life […]

100 out of 99

The movie takes you back to the previous millenium, in the year 1999 when mobile phones were niche assets, cyber cafes were popping up like mushrooms, match fixing was on its penultimate high, and Coffee shops only meant Madras Cafe or the City Coffee House. The era has been beautifully decade in a very subtle yet striking manner, which makes you seriously ponder that in the past one decade — The world around us has changed!

A Lesson for ALL


Random Thoughts!

2/9,311,126,453,349,701,502 a few numbers… lives lived … love lost… laboured to leave what was one of the only worthwhile things in life…. or just numbers Random Numbers!

Bharose ke Naam par

The last few weekends have been quite interesting and happening. The companionship of friends, which I treasure the most, was bestowed upon me and i had FUN! It were days, rejuvenating the spirits — chanting aloud ‘भरोसे के नाम पर’ (In the name of trust). It included, a night-long bash with the dearest Bakri baba, […]