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Love at First Byte – Post 1

A few months ago, I came across a project that made my interest grow in Computer History and I browsed through the archives, memoirs and the dossiers of various peoplewho wrote about how computers and internet have evolved around us, in the last two decades. As I dug deeper, I felt nostalgic. At the same time it sent in a chill, down my spine and I felt like I am gazing at a film strips with flashing images of my past two decades. I felt, I was a part of the history, I was a part of it, when it was still The Beginning.

So, here I am with the tale of my love-affair with Computers, which started when when I was just 10 yrs old. Computers, what we know today, were not too old either ;-)… [Click to read more]

I support The Jason Scott Sabbatical

I am talking about ages before Rediff, Amazon or Google came into picture. When a search engine was considered folly, because “Who’d like people to go away from their site?”. When emails were niche of large corporates and PCs could be seen only in office. When net had all text and no pics and chat meant IRCs. Then came the ages… Click on the post to Read More!

RT @mohitnanda I Tweet!

I started tweeting too, around a week ago. Yeah, I know I have caught the band-wagon quite late, and this due to nothing but sheer laziness to explore. I am quite ashamed to admit that around a month ago , I honestly asked someone, “Hey, what’s this Twitter ho-hum all about? What is it?” and […]

barcamp 5 @ Mumbai

BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos and interaction from participants.

My experience there lead to some quite unusual afterthoughts, which I am sharing here.

Techfest ’09

Technology is like adrenaline for my body, and Techfest(s) at IIT-B are infinite reservoirs of technology; and so just can’t resist being a sponge whenever I am there. It was my 3rd Techfest at IIT-B, the earlier two being a part of my college days. This year, I went there with Sumit, who shares a […]

TECS Week ’09

A week ago, I was privileged to attend TECS Week (TCS Excellence in Computer Science Week) ’09. It was was held at TCS Innovation Labs – TRDDC, Pune, India from 5th-9th Jan ’09. This post is about the event and my experiences there.

My first machine!

Computers have always been my passion and i have love programming. Now it has been over a decade since I wrote my first line of code, but even after working on around half a dozen different computing platforms and over a score of languages, I still just cannot forget the first machine (read computer), i […]