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Bachelor tenants not Allowed!

This was my third HouseHunt in the Maximum City, Mumbai. In the three missions I have clearly understood that Bachelorhood is not just a marital status, its a social-outcast that puts you below everyone who has joined the institution. In this city, and Pune as well (as my dear friends, tell me) WE Bachelors, or Singletons, or Unmarried souls are looked down with even more contempt than Ajmal Kasab (or No, Kasab is also a bachelor), so maybe more than Nithari or Aurangzeb or your Spouse’s ex or even more than the perverted ‘married’ man, in your neighborhood, who fancies his daughters’ friends. As they believe that We, as bachelors, could be worse… [Click below to Read More]

The Wall Project – Vandalised

Just this morning, I was praising and admiring the efforts of all those who toiled to make Parel-to-Mahim Wall Project a great success on 25th October. The Beautiful messages painted across Parel to Mahim, Mumbai (Image source: @sa_lil) Sad, I could not be a part of it. But right now, what enrages me over the […]


I am not too great a fan of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, but yeah I mourn for the fact that we lost a genius… or maybe we lost him already a few years ago…! Just wanted to share one of the best tributes I have seen so far, to the legend.. to […]

Purine Swaraj

After all, we are amongst the very few nations where the citizens have the freedom to take everything for a free ride. Well, yeah you need to pay here and there.. (okay everywhere!), but certainly not necessary to pay the nation! We are amongst the very few nations where we have complete Peedom (not just Freedom), its the Purine Swaraj!

A few King’s men

Ala new government, led by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh again, and the new(?) King walked to the Rashtrapati Bhavan today with His Men. Fifty-nine of King’s men took oath today to form the largest Council of Ministers any democracy has had in this world! I know India is the largest democracy in the world, but does a large battalion guarantee that we, the citizens of India, will get the basic necessities along with security of job & lives?