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100 out of 99

The movie takes you back to the previous millenium, in the year 1999 when mobile phones were niche assets, cyber cafes were popping up like mushrooms, match fixing was on its penultimate high, and Coffee shops only meant Madras Cafe or the City Coffee House. The era has been beautifully decade in a very subtle yet striking manner, which makes you seriously ponder that in the past one decade — The world around us has changed!

In the end, it doesn’t even matter…

I watched Gulaal, last week, and found it an awesome masterpiece of moviemaking by Anurag Kashyap. Its plotted around grass-root student politics and the turmoils within us. The concept was great, though I’d say the movie lacked in script in the later half, and had a bad end for a good movie. It’s story is […]

Congratulations (!just) Slumdog Millionaire but Q&A & BHS

As SM bags 8 Oscars, including 2 for our beloved A.R. Rehman. There is another Oscar amongst them which requires the Indian attention. Its the award given to the Best Adapted Screenplay, which was bagged by Simon Beaufoy for Best Adpted Sceenplay from the novel Q and A by Vikas Swarup.


Ah, Thank God, Its Friday!. Friday evenings are just awesome, euphoric and tiring. A week long work grills you enough for hitting the bed like a log, but I like to stretch the grill further to last through Friday nights. Definitely not with work, but with friends and party. Its the age old motto that […]

Ready to get Moovie Groovie

I am looking ahead for a few specific movies coming ahead in recent days……….