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I did not exactly know, what it means till it hit me. I don’t even know now, what is it exactly, but I know one thing — for sure– its not anything to feel good about :p I have been shot, or shooed away. Did it hurt? Yes, it did! Did I deserve it? Yes, […]


Ah, Thank God, Its Friday!. Friday evenings are just awesome, euphoric and tiring. A week long work grills you enough for hitting the bed like a log, but I like to stretch the grill further to last through Friday nights. Definitely not with work, but with friends and party. Its the age old motto that […]

Happy Birthday Mota Bhai!

Happy Birthday Mota Bhai!


This post is not meant for the knowledgeable but for ‘the enlightened ones’, who know, Who is Kmap?. If it sounds a lot like “Who is John Galt?”, I intended so.