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Four Letter Words

Life’s all about just four letter words…. Love Fear Nice High Luck Dove Fuck Sick Hard Easy Fast Slow Life Wife Heed Lust Lost Fork Porn Horn Rave Gape Maze Sage Time Wine Rage Cosy Nuts Talk Walk Live Give..

Missing some random words

I am missing some random words… the lives lived, the times gone… the moments spent, with nothing to repent. When the spirits were always high — In the name of Trust! (Bharose ke naam par)

Back to Blog!

I know I have not blogged for around three months now and those of you who still kept checking, asking, pestering, nudging me to start again — I owe no apologies, but Thanks! However, I am not the only one who has been off-and-away. Though there are no factual correlation I guess he is just-as-clueless […]


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Kogworks, which made its arrival at our place on 22nd, as a saviour to save us from becoming perfect Jack(s), ignited the gamers within us.  Mota, “who-can-do-anything”, immediately deeply yearned to play Chinese Checkers. For all who know this extraterrestrial troll, know it perfectly that […]


All my life, I have read, been told and made to believe that life always goes on, times change, so does everything around us and we adapt. Some nice quotes, which I like as well, tell me the same: “I can sum up in the three words what I have learnt in life – Life […]


All good things must come to an end, and so did this weekend. I’d rather call it a weakend as I found find myself too weak to end it, too tempted to hold the moments… to stop the time…! The weekend splendidly spent in Pune, with creatures of most varied nature and significance, comes to […]

A Lesson for ALL


Random Thoughts!

2/9,311,126,453,349,701,502 a few numbers… lives lived … love lost… laboured to leave what was one of the only worthwhile things in life…. or just numbers Random Numbers!

Bharose ke Naam par

The last few weekends have been quite interesting and happening. The companionship of friends, which I treasure the most, was bestowed upon me and i had FUN! It were days, rejuvenating the spirits — chanting aloud ‘भरोसे के नाम पर’ (In the name of trust). It included, a night-long bash with the dearest Bakri baba, […]

The Quarter Life Crisis

Amongst the many “Fwd” mails that hit my mailbox everyday, this mail is one of the very very few that survived the wrath of my delete button, which is faced by almost all such mails. Here it is. Just because its good, and I read it (again) on this Friday eve, before the big bash; […]