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Howard Roark’s Courtroom Speech, from “The Fountainhead”

Here is an excerpt from one of  my favourite written works of all times, “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. On this very date in the year 1943, the book was first published. Hence, to commemorate this date I would like share my favourite excerpt from the book, Howard Roark’s Courtroom Speech. Its a long text, […]

YASG – Yet Another Story Game

After the huge success of our first Story, we played the same game again, over the night of  Friday 26 June, with a different mix of authors this time – producing a more weird unreadable piece of trash. The useless morons who collaborated to bring this story together were: Anil Kumar Gupta Mota Bhai (Abhinav […]


Thanks to Divya & Richa, who (to my initial surprise) gifted me Kogworks, a two-player, abstract strategy, board game, on my birthday; which has now become the new buzzword at my place and has captivated us to give in all our spare hours playing it (some spared deliberately for the purpose).

The Story game

Yesterday night, WE played a game. A story game, where each person says just one line of a story spun by him and the yarn is spun around. The game started with a dark night when the night was dark and ended with the break of the dawn… afterall we Friends are Insomniacs!!

Exploring Entrepreneurship @ E-Summit ’09

E-Summit is an initiative by The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay, to motivate and educate people about entrepreneurship and serve as a meeting ground for Corporate and young budding entrepreneurs from distinguished institutions across the country.

Hello world!

A “Hello World” post.