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The Wall Project – Vandalised

Just this morning, I was praising and admiring the efforts of all those who toiled to make Parel-to-Mahim Wall Project a great success on 25th October.


The Beautiful messages painted across Parel to Mahim, Mumbai

(Image source: @sa_lil)

Sad, I could not be a part of it. But right now, what enrages me over the brim is “The Walls have been vandalised”, with the beautiful paintings cruelly covered with posters of our Bollywood Films.
Wallproject_Vandalism-1 Wallproject_Vandalism-2

The walls which were beautiful 24 hours ago

(Image source: Asfaq’s Blog)

We all love bollywood flicks, and they have every right to advertise whats coming up, but NOT by being a heartless spoilsport.

BMC, who supported this project is the same body that charges the producers to stick posters around too.Now I wonder, what would their step be (Or are they even concerned? I DOUBT!)

Comment down what do you think.!!!

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