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Trysts with Technology

RT @mohitnanda I Tweet!

I started tweeting too, around a week ago. Yeah, I know I have caught the band-wagon quite late, and this due to nothing but sheer laziness to explore. I am quite ashamed to admit that around a month ago , I honestly asked someone, “Hey, what’s this Twitter ho-hum all about? What is it?” and realised how much out-of-touch I was! Well, ignorance is not always a bliss! So, I geared up again and corrected my mistakes of not keeping myself in-sync with what’s happening around.

I went ahead, explored and found that its (Yet) another beautiful social-networking innovation to share stuff about yourself and your not-so-varying life. Well personally, I don’t feel, that anyone wants to know what I am up to. After all, why would somebody be interested in the bad hangover I had today morning, or the wet (read rainy) excursions to Goa, or that I yearn to have a nice cup of coffee for the past few days (but sigh). But then — Isn’t this what we have been doing on all other social mediums, status updates on our Orkut/FB/Gtalk profiles, and  even the blogs?

Talking of my friends not many are still hooked on it, except a few like Vivek sir (@Viveky), who started ahead of me and provoked me to dig further and Atul Lambu (@atulsingh001) who started today itself.  Not to exclude, that (Thanks to media) Shashi Tharooor’s controversial tweets (@ShashiTharoor) also drew me here, to read what one of my favourite authors has to say, and to see for myself what’s the ‘ho-hum’ all about! Then,  a few days back, when I was going through the regular tormenting delights of reading Jug Suraiya, I decided Lets Face it!

So what, if I am not sure if others care about my injured knee or not. I can still shout it from the top of the mountain (or just silently tweet about it). Who stops me?

So now I have another medium to share my occasional thought-bursts along with the sporadic highs and lows of my not-so-varying (?) life.

Who cares (I do?) if even anyone wants to read it, as long as I want to burrp (read tweet) it out.

And yeah, its more humble and mannered than shouting it off from the top of a mountain!!! RT @mohitnanda