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Life, the Universe and Everything

Back to Blog!

I know I have not blogged for around three months now and those of you who still kept checking, asking, pestering, nudging me to start again — I owe no apologies, but Thanks!

However, I am not the only one who has been off-and-away. Though there are no factual correlation I guess he is just-as-clueless or as-sure as I am, about why did he stop.

Just for-the-record, I was not mourning over MJ’s demise, as someone doubted!

The last few months were a cocktail of highs & lows mixed by a bartender, whom you tipped only after He had spoiled the first few drinks of yours.

Since my last blog, the first few drinks (read weeks) were no better than Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters. The days went tough… with complex emotions, lots of work, sporadic and uncontrollable mood-swings, and a never-ending To-Do-List. Along with the fact that the count in the list went only through an incremental curve, while the spirits and desire to do anything (leave alone blog) go sliding down an avalanche. No use listing (boring you with) the details here, as whats gone is gone, and I am back! 🙂

As, after the bartender (read God), saw that I could not handle the swish and swings any more — He served me great coolers with a careful blend of  some nice pep-talks by you-know-who along with the three long drinks (read weekends), nicely mixed, improving by each drink.

Started off, with Vivek sir’s birthday celebration at Pune. Well the hangover (wink) there was bad, but nevertheless a good start.

Followed by the adrenaline-driven eccentrically-planned motorbike-ride to Khandala & Lonavala AND a rocking, rainy vacation on the sand of Goa beaches. Whoa, I am still euphoric and high on adrenaline…!

While I will surely share the key savoring ingredients (read incidents) of the drinks (read trips) soon, you better KEEP VISITING NOW!

and yeah btw, now I Tweet too!

P.S. : Zaphod Beeblebrox invented the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, and is the only person able to drink more than three of them at one sitting. I survived more…!