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The Wall Project – Vandalised

Just this morning, I was praising and admiring the efforts of all those who toiled to make Parel-to-Mahim Wall Project a great success on 25th October. The Beautiful messages painted across Parel to Mahim, Mumbai (Image source: @sa_lil) Sad, I could not be a part of it. But right now, what enrages me over the […]

RT @mohitnanda I Tweet!

I started tweeting too, around a week ago. Yeah, I know I have caught the band-wagon quite late, and this due to nothing but sheer laziness to explore. I am quite ashamed to admit that around a month ago , I honestly asked someone, “Hey, what’s this Twitter ho-hum all about? What is it?” and […]

Back to Blog!

I know I have not blogged for around three months now and those of you who still kept checking, asking, pestering, nudging me to start again — I owe no apologies, but Thanks! However, I am not the only one who has been off-and-away. Though there are no factual correlation I guess he is just-as-clueless […]