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I’m sure all of you remember the delights of the lazy summer vacations spent playing Ludo, Snake-n-Ladders, Chinese Checkers, Monopoly and what not. Today, though we have grown up and don’t have the luxury of summer vacations any more, all us tech guys (yeah gals too) still have our collection of  sneaked-in, flash games (most of them hidden inside Excel sheets), which we delightfully play during office hours.

Thanks to  Divya & Richa, who (to my initial surprise) gifted me Kogworks, a two-player, abstract strategy, board game, on my birthday; which has now become the new buzzword at my place and has captivated us to give in all our spare hours playing it (some spared deliberately for the purpose).

For all those who know, the game-loving Mota, they need not be told about his expertise of mastering any game withing hours of getting his hand on it. This game being a slight exception, I got the pleasures of defeating him a few times before he blew me off with straight 5 defeats in a row. 😀 I feel great! 🙂

Here’s a pic of my first victory in Kogworks, against Atul.


These days, Atul Lambu and Mota being around – its become sheer fun to play it through the wee hours chatting along spiced up with the trademark roaring laughters and shrieks and those devilish glares in our eyes, when our devious plans succeed in defeating the opponent in the game. Its actually great fun, reminding me of the old A1 Plaza days when me and Mota used to spend hours just playing board games which was specifically bought by the restaurant owner, for us. After all, which other customer spent the entire afternoon playing board games, evenings through Dartboard with an always filled coffee cup just to retreat back to hostel after a nice dinner. Almost everyday! 🙂

Ah, I guess i’d take a leave and return to play another triangular series. You too go, grab a game and PLAY!