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Life, the Universe and Everything


All my life, I have read, been told and made to believe that life always goes on, times change, so does everything around us and we adapt. Some nice quotes, which I like as well, tell me the same:

“I can sum up in the three words what I have learnt in life – Life goes on.” – Robert Frost

“Time and tide wait for none” – An English proverb

There are numerous other great men as well, who have prophesied the same, but it seems, that for the few not-so-great and maybe not-normal souls, it doesn’t hold true in entirety. For most of the guys, life puts it foot down on gas as soon as they leave college and start working — but for us, it seems we ran out of gas…! Our lives transformed perpendicularly from the fast-paced neon lit movers to bullock-carts dragging in concentric circles.

Our lives changed in the first week of June 2007, with the end of the ‘wonder years’ – the 4 yr long college life, and it feels though we left the place our souls still reside there… coupled together in mesh, refusing to untangle and accompany its bodies who have fallen apart. Its not the place but the people who, somehow by some angelic luck, are so closely bonded that its seems life STOPPED with the parting of the ways.

Till date, may it be a birthday bash, a New Year’s eve, daru party, a causal encounter or some long sought and planned reunion – the ONLY things we talk about… are people, and  anecdotes of the those times. More often than not (now) we have even run out of new stories so we end up repeating the same old cases and remembering the same old incidents over and over again, with the same spark in our eyes and longing in our heart.

The range is of diverse taste and nature.  Our edition of “HCST Chitra Katha – Unabridged” runs across numerous volumes dedicated to people and events equally. Each character has a volume of chapters devoted to him and most of the events run across volumes in all our lives. Some of the  bestseller stories are Mota’s Healthy Habits,  Nitin’s first date, Chintu to Shaggy, Baba Bakhandar, GABA, Sahu’s quest for a GF, Chhote Babu ki prem kahaniyan, Pappu and thread-game,  Maddy Pilla ‘s Fishing and the Fish Pond on fire, Rabbit v/s Registrar – The glorious night,Counter Strike warzones ,the early morning  Daru parties, 72 hour cricket tournament, Mota in ICU, The Lab, The Club the Dharamshala…..THE LIST IS ENDLESS!!!!

May God have his mercy on the few non-HCSTians (who are regularlly victimised including Mago, Nikhil, Laila, Anuj, Buddy, PK et al) who are without-a-choice compelled to listen to all of it, again and again and again. Thanks to their patience that they do so with the same interst and fervour. Moreover most of our stories sound nothing but very well crafted short stories about a place so far off from the real world we live in, that you may easily assume it for nothing but a yarn spun around our imagination. I know… they sound too good to be true. 🙂

We belong to the land which is there no more, we belong to Atlantis – The Land of Heroes, where we left our souls…!!!