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Life, the Universe and Everything


All good things must come to an end, and so did this weekend. I’d rather call it a weakend as I found find myself too weak to end it, too tempted to hold the moments… to stop the time…!

The weekend splendidly spent in Pune, with creatures of most varied nature and significance, comes to an end this very moment, as I travel back to Mumbai in this Neeta Volvo (sitting next to a beautiful chic* ), listening to Enigma and typing this weblog. Few hours ago when me and Jonty were trying to find a bus/taxi for Mumbai, I was half-heartedly wishing that there be no vacancy today and I might just stay for another night and leave tomorrow. Not that it would have a party-night or anything close to it. Considering the fatigue and the amount of sleep we had in the past two days, all of us would have surely hit the sack like a log only to wake up early morning and catch the first bus. Still, I longed – just to lie beside… the few who are treasured the most!!!

Still, the 2 great days and nights spent talking endlessly about anything to everything (most of it is redundant trash) leaves me in a mix state of spirits heightened, due to the pleasurable moments and dampened, for I am back on ground – back to the world around!


* sadly, none of the conversation starters did work well and weather wasn’t good either :P. So Shaggy, I think you must consider revising the Appendix. 😉