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A few King’s men

Singh is King! (again)

Ala new government, led by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh again, and the new(?) King walked to the Rashtrapati Bhavan today with His Men. Fifty-nine of King’s men took oath today to form the largest Council of Ministers any democracy has had in this world! I know India is the largest democracy in the world, but does a large battalion guarantee that we, the citizens of India, will get the basic necessities along with security of job & lives?

Did any of the name that came in the papers struck the chord of confidence in your heart,  that YES now things will change? What’s the use of a battalion of ministers, which is popularly being called as Team Manmohan now, when nothings still seems certain or makes you feel any good about any of them? I guess it just gurantees one thing, now a larger group get thier share of the cake nicely sliced off the tax-payers’ pocket. While I am still happy to know that we have a youngest ever minister this time, as the 28 yr old Agataha Sangama but most of the faces  are still  old, charred, stained and unconvincing.

I am not a pessimist who is saying that nothing can be done and our contry remains the same no matter who rules it. Things will definitely change with time, but i believe the pace of change has to be expedited which certainly doesn’t seem to be ‘their’ top priority! Now that WE have put our confidence in them and brought them rule us again, lets hope for the best and let King do his best.

All this hulla bol about the new regime of the Noble Kinsmen (I mean King’s Men), reminds me of a poem I read long ago….

“…All the King’s horses,
and all the King’s men,
could not put Humpty together again!”