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100 out of 99

When did you last watch a new movie? Can you recall that easily? Well, with due credit to the producer-distributor discord, I had almost forgotten how does a theater look from inside, until yesterday when we watched 99.

It looked like the oasis in the desert of barren weeks without a single new good movie. (and I will not count the stale, expired long forgotten trashed reel-cans which were opened and released). Thanks to Vodafone Tuesdays, who cares about a pre-review, if you are getting to watch a movie for 40 bucks in a Mutliplex at Mumbai!?

The movie takes you back to the previous millenium, in the year 1999 when mobile phones were niche assets, cyber cafes were popping up like mushrooms, match fixing was on its penultimate high, and Coffee shops only meant Madras Cafe or the City Coffee House. The era has been beautifully depicted in a very subtle yet striking manner, which makes you seriously ponder that in the past one decade — The world around us has changed!

The actors Cyrus and Kunal both have done satisfactory work while Cyrus could definitely have delievered more than he did. Each character has its own charm and USP in the movie, let it be the Alchemistic theory driven gambler Boman Irani, the XXXL  size goon named dimple or the Chief Villain AGM starring Mahesh Manjrekar.

The movie’s soul lies in the light and happy-go-lucky (quite literally) script with crisp dialogues and some scenes may split one’s side with laughter. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and vasooled every paise. The evening was really a nice change – much needed as well. Like a cool breeze in the mid of a hot desert.

The nice movie was followed by a long walk to home, actually left me feeling quite lighter after a long stretch of heavy days. The morning was cooler and fresh and had some new thought-processes as well.

Everyone of us is waiting to hit his century, a home run, a dream-for-make-your-wish-genie which will makes your life happy forever, and that is just what the movie is essentially about.

A century, which makes your life worthwhile enough. When you can take off the helmet (read load) off your head and raise your bat high to the crowd. Like the King raises his spear high after a victory. Its the same feeling and a  similar feat when you get what you want and not just what you need. It might just be a coffee shop. So be it 🙂

It reinstates that 99 means nothing, while a 100 makes a century and gets you a standing ovation. Its not just the difference of  ‘a run’!

Go hit your century before the inning ends! 🙂