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Life, the Universe and Everything

Bharose ke Naam par

The last few weekends have been quite interesting and happening. The companionship of friends, which I treasure the most, was bestowed upon me and i had FUN! It were days, rejuvenating the spirits — chanting aloud ‘भरोसे के नाम पर’ (In the name of trust).

It included, a night-long bash with the dearest Bakri baba, Nigotiya darling and Alok Bhaiya — after a long time.

Followed by the next weekend enjoying with 8 friends including Nitin Darling – who came to Mumbai after planning (and canceling) for over 6 months; some of others, I was meeting after over an year. We had The Great Big Bash, which began on Friday night, and ended Sunday. Though the friday preceding it was a ‘different’ kind of Friday. The kind when I don’t say TGIF. 😐 The weekend though made up for it 🙂

This weekend, again, enjoyed to the fullest starting at Firangi and a fine Sunday lunch and evening including the Bumper Car Wars, the next day. Whoa, it felt great to be a kid again. There we wre 6 grown-ups sitting in those mini bumber cars and having a time of our lives. It feels great just great to be with friends after long.

For all those who ever lived and still long to live the way it used to be — through thick and thin. there is just one way to be with friends — “BHAROSE KE NAAM PAR’
तो यारों जिओ ज़िंदगी बस
—“भरोसे के नाम

Wasim bhai, Alok Bhaiya, Meri pyari Bakri aur Main sala Mohit

Well, does it sound sound all nostalgic…? That’s how I am felling right now.