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Bharose ke Naam par

The last few weekends have been quite interesting and happening. The companionship of friends, which I treasure the most, was bestowed upon me and i had FUN! It were days, rejuvenating the spirits — chanting aloud ‘भरोसे के नाम पर’ (In the name of trust). It included, a night-long bash with the dearest Bakri baba, […]

In the end, it doesn’t even matter…

I watched Gulaal, last week, and found it an awesome masterpiece of moviemaking by Anurag Kashyap. Its plotted around grass-root student politics and the turmoils within us. The concept was great, though I’d say the movie lacked in script in the later half, and had a bad end for a good movie. It’s story is […]

The Quarter Life Crisis

Amongst the many “Fwd” mails that hit my mailbox everyday, this mail is one of the very very few that survived the wrath of my delete button, which is faced by almost all such mails. Here it is. Just because its good, and I read it (again) on this Friday eve, before the big bash; […]


I did not exactly know, what it means till it hit me. I don’t even know now, what is it exactly, but I know one thing — for sure– its not anything to feel good about :p I have been shot, or shooed away. Did it hurt? Yes, it did! Did I deserve it? Yes, […]