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Congratulations (!just) Slumdog Millionaire but Q&A & BHS

Yet another Congratulations to the much acclaimed and talked about movie of the year, Slumdog Millionaire, or SM as we now better now it. There is another abbreviated title, which is the foundation of this movie. It is Q & A! It is the novel, on which  the movie is based or from which its screenplay is adapted (in more technical terms).

As SM bags 8 Oscars, including 2 for our beloved A.R. Rehman, there is another Oscar amongst the 8 which requires the Indian attention. Its the Academy Award given to the Best Adapted Screenplay, which was bagged by Simon Beaufoy for Best Adapted Screenplay from the novel Q and A by Vikas Swarup.

Mr. Vikas Swarup, born and brought up in Allahabad, has served Indian Foreign Services, since 1986 till date. His novel, Q&A, is his first published work and has many accolades in its name. It was short listed for the Best First Book by the Commonwealth Writer’s Prize and won South Africa’s Exclusive Books Boeke Prize 2006 as well as the Paris Book Fair’s Reader’s Prize, the Prix Grand Public, in 2007. It was voted the Most Influential Book of 2008 in Taiwan.

What makes me write all this here, apart from the fact that this is another feather in the cap of India’s glory, is that we share the same Alma Mater, Boys’ High School & College, a.k.a. BHS

Being an alumni of the institute myself, I was overwhelmed  to find that he has been a part as well. It was his interview with rediff, which enlightened me about this fact, and I just couldn’t help sharing it with all.

This, adds another feather in the high-help cap of B.H.S. which has produced thousands of great citizens in its history of last 147 years. The number of great political leaders, lawyers, judges, engineers, doctors, scientists, teachers, army personnel, filmstars (including our very own Big B – Mr. Amitabh Bachchan), who have studied here, is enormous. The list is practically endless.

Boys High School & College [Estd. 1861]
Boys’ High School & College [Estd. 1861]

This laurel, makes me even more proud of my Alma Mater, my school, which nourished me and I credit a lot to BHS for what I am. A lot!  So here I congratulate Mr. Swarup for this achievement and BHS for all that it has given and is still giving to its students.

Am I boasting/bragging about my school? Yes, I am! It’s worth to be flaunted, and I am lucky to have been nurtured by this premier institute.

Congratulations SM, Q&A!
and Vive La BHS!!!

For all my muggle friends (read from non-programming backgrounds) ‘!’ stands for NOT, in some programming languages. So the title reads as:
“Congratulations (not-just) Slumdog Millionaire but Q&A & BHS”
your pardon for geekifying things a lot, but sometimes its just !possible.