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Life, the Universe and Everything


Ah, Thank God, Its Friday!. Friday evenings are just awesome, euphoric and tiring. A week long work grills you enough for hitting the bed like a log, but I like to stretch the grill further to last through Friday nights. Definitely not with work, but with friends and party. Its the age old motto that I endorse, “Work Hard. Party Harder”. But before I could head for a long night ahead, I felt compelled to write here.

Its actually been almost 2 weeks since my last post there, the longest gap since I began it and I actually feel bad for not writing for so long.

Its been busy days for me at work and otherwise. The past two weeks have been consumed at 12 hours at work, and busy weekends including the best weekend I ever had :-), for reasons not fit for this space ;).

I have been busy with a new section for my site, called Moviemeter, for which I have been evaluating tools, to use. I intend it to be collaboratively edited and maintained, so that the meter reflects a group of people instead of just me. After all who cares, what I think about a movie, its always what WE think, isnt it? I hope, will be able to put up this section by this weekend.

Apart from work, and Moviemeter, I watched the new releases, D 2 new movies and liked them both. Till the moviemeter is up and working, you’ll have to settle with just my take  on them.

Delhi 6

Delhi 6Sadly, this movie wasn’t as good as I had expected.I had ceratinly not expected this movie to have a certain mythical (or should I now say, mythological) Kala Bandar as the protagonist. The plot overburdened itself with too much of drama (read Ramleela) and failed to give a fair treatment to a lot that they should have had.

Abhishek could have surely done more than just endorsing Motorola, and we would have certainly not mind if Sonam had got a little more attention.

In short, the movie was good and likeable but could certainly have been much better.

Devdas 2.0

Dev DI watched Dev D and simply loved it. The purest form of all arts are the most abstract form, and the movie portrays it strikingly, yet in a subtle manner. Pure, Gross and Unadulterated.

The background score was just too good for any words to appreciate it and so was the plot and its fresh treatment. It was indeed the modern Devdas who squanders away his life, yet doesn’t quit it for the sake of love. He still loves and lives in hope of finding love, again!

—but hey, wait a minute—

Was it love or is it just lust?. Did his heart beat for Paro, or was it his hurt libido and ego commanding him to be self destructive? He surely did fall in love, or did just fall too low in his own eyes? Did only Dev feel this way, or does it happens the same way for all of us? Think and answer for ourselves…!

Leaving you with these questions, I’d now head to have some fun!