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Trysts with Technology

Techfest ’09

Techfest 2009 - Defy ConventionTechnology is like adrenaline for my body, and Techfest(s) at IIT-B are infinite reservoirs of technology; and so just can’t resist being a sponge whenever I am there.

It was my 3rd Techfest at IIT-B, the earlier two being a part of my college days. This year, I went there with Sumit, who shares a similar story with this being his 5th visit. The visit, though it was a short one, was as interesting as always. Saw some great stuff, new innovations by the budding engineers and yeah won a few T-Shirts too, a promotional contest by DirectI.

Although I regret not being able to attend a few lectures I intended to, but overall, it was a great day with lots to learn and see around, and left with me lots of food for thought to last a few weeks. Cogito Ergo Sum

A lot of memories got rejuvenated of the previous visits with Mota Bhai, Sehgal and Maddy Pilla, with the moments running like a filmstrip in front of my eyes. Sometime, in the coming years, we may again plan a visit together. Till then, I’ll try to encash all such oppurtunites to feed my unending apetite for technology.

We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.   – Carl Sagan