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Happy Birthday Mota Bhai!

Another 17th January today….. its my Mota Bhai’s birthday… For all of you who who dont know him can read here about him, in his own great words. He is one of the closest people I have in my life, and I need not mention anything more about it here.

Wishing him ‘Happy Birthday’ wasn’t easy though (on my part), I tried calling him yesterday at midnight but his primary number wasn’t reachable and it didn’t struck me that he had another number. (i know it was silly, but there’s more to it)

Today morning I called him right after I woke up, but he didn’t pick up the phone, at my first attempt. When he actually did pick it it up on my second call, we had a nice normal talk. We talked for about 10 minutes and I hung up without even wishing him. Tell you, I wasn’t playing a prank on him. I had actually missed the fact that I had to wish him. Yeah, that’s me here for you. Unadulterated!

At last I did wish him in the evening a couple of minutes ago, and that was it. A “HappyBirthday<—>Thank you” and couple of minutes of normal talk and I hung up again. 🙂

And now, I am writing this stuff..
— because it is coming in my mind and I wrote it just to drain it off
— because I had to write SOMETHING on this blog and I could not think of anything else so I wrote about it.
— because I wanted to write about it
— because I want to celebrate his Happy wala birthday –somehow– and this is my way of doing it.
— ____________________________ (fill in the blanks, if you care)
— in sooth I ain’t sure either

Well, its saturday today, I’m supposed to be off as far as my company policies says; but here I am working in office (read wasting) on a Saturday eve (Ah! you might say I ain’t even working. I’m writing this blog. Well, so be it!) and missing my Mota Bhai. But not just because it is his birthday. I missed him on New Year’s, on Christmas, on this Monday, on the other Wednesday, on the Halloween… i just miss him!

Happy Birthday Mota Bhai!