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Ready to get Moovie Groovie

I am personally a Movie Buff and love nearly all kind of movies. They range from Ek Ruka hua faisla to Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to Cast Away to Oye Lucky… to Harold & Kumar Went to White Castle…. the list goes on.

Right now, I am looking ahead for a few specific movies coming ahead in recent days:

  • Slumdog Millionaire — The whole buzz has made me too curious.
  • Dev DTHE song tells me I am going to love the movie + Abhay Deol’s presence guarantees its going to have originality in treatment.
  • Luck by Chance — I am driven by high expectations set by Farhan Akhtar with DCH and Rock On
  • Delhi 6 — I just feel this one is going to be interesting and the music is good too.
  • Australia — Reccomened by Mota Bhai, and so I am looking up to see it this week.

These seem to be quite all till now, lets see how do they fair at my moviemeter