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Trysts with Technology

My first machine!

Computers have always been my passion and i have love programming. Now it has been over a decade since I wrote my first line of code, but even after working on around half a dozen different computing platforms and over a score of languages, I still just cannot forget the first machine (read computer), i used.

Ah! I miss it man!

Ah! I miss it!

The first machine i got my hands on, was in the year 1995, a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. I was just 10 years old and had started my journey with Computers. In my school they began teaching us computers from Std 5, and that was when i began with BASIC on this machine.

Tell you, you can’t even imagine how HAPPY 🙂 I was, to own a ‘PC’ (if you may call it) which

  • Had only a BASIC interpreter with 128K RAM (mentioned in RED bold letters on its body)
  • Used a Mono cassete tape for storing data
  • Used a TV screen for Console Output

But, it was good enough for anyone who had to start learning programming. I did and grew along as the PCs around me did too.

And yeah I still do remember the code I ran for the first time  (It was not a Hello World!)

10 CLS
20 LET A = 2
30 LET B = 3
40 LET C = A + B
60 END

First computer is like your first love. You can’t just forget it.