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Techfest ’09

Technology is like adrenaline for my body, and Techfest(s) at IIT-B are infinite reservoirs of technology; and so just can’t resist being a sponge whenever I am there. It was my 3rd Techfest at IIT-B, the earlier two being a part of my college days. This year, I went there with Sumit, who shares a […]

TECS Week ’09

A week ago, I was privileged to attend TECS Week (TCS Excellence in Computer Science Week) ’09. It was was held at TCS Innovation Labs – TRDDC, Pune, India from 5th-9th Jan ’09. This post is about the event and my experiences there.

Happy Birthday Mota Bhai!

Happy Birthday Mota Bhai!

Ready to get Moovie Groovie

I am looking ahead for a few specific movies coming ahead in recent days……….

My first machine!

Computers have always been my passion and i have love programming. Now it has been over a decade since I wrote my first line of code, but even after working on around half a dozen different computing platforms and over a score of languages, I still just cannot forget the first machine (read computer), i […]


This post is not meant for the knowledgeable but for ‘the enlightened ones’, who know, Who is Kmap?. If it sounds a lot like “Who is John Galt?”, I intended so.